Monday, March 16, 2015

Dog Food Review, Top Dog Food

Dog Food Review - A dog must get all the nutrition it needs for a healthy and long life. It means, choosing dog food based on quality is a must instead of price. That is also why we need to read dog food review. Protein is important for our dogs and it is one of the most important nutrition it needs. The best quality dog foods will get its protein directly from fresh meat and its label will say so. On the other side, low quality dog foods get its protein from ambiguous-sounding sources such as meat formula or meat meal. We have to know that low quality dog foods also contain fillers, such as corn or even carrot. Such fillers are hard to digest and contain minimal nutrition.

Dog Food Review

Dog Food Review, Top Dog Food Products


In this dog food review, we will try to mention some top dog food products that can be found on the supermarket or other stores.

-    Orijen Adult Formula

This is ranked as the best dog food on many websites. This dog food contains carbohydrate and high quality protein sources. Some ingredients listed on this dog food are including chicken meal, fresh deboned chicken, and turkey meal, fresh deboned pacific salmon and russet potato.

-    Canidae all life stages

This product contains 41 percent protein, 24 percent carbohydrate and 27 percent fat, which is why this product is able to provide a healthy nutritional balance.

-    Newman’s Own Organic Grain-Free

This product line provides the best quality organic ingredients. Composed of organic beef broth, organic beef liver and a combination of essential vitamins and minerals, this product gives good nutrition profile. Because of that factor, this dog food often places on the top rank on many dog food review sites.

-    Acana Grain-Free

This dog food contains boneless lamb, lamb meal, herring meal, salmon meal and russet potato topping. That is why Acana is able to provide dog with the best quality fat, protein and carbohydrate. However, this product brings lower protein level than other names, which makes it often places fourth or fifth rank on dog food review sites.

-    Wellness

This is known as one of the best dog foods. This product contains high protein, high meat and grain-less ingredients. Wellness is also free from ethoxyquin. The price of this dog food product is quite cheap and easy to get. However, this product contains some natural filler which is tomato fiber. Because of that reason, Wellness rarely placed on top rank on some dog food review sites.