Sunday, March 1, 2015

Characteristic Foods Poisonous To Dogs

Food is the thing that has become a necessity for every living creature. Animals that become our pets also need food to be able to move and live longer. But what would happen if you give foods poisonous to dogs? Of course it should be regret for you later.

Although some kinds of food is safe for humans, but if it given to your dog, it will be a different thing. Possibility poisoning. You who love to share food with your dog pet should begin to learn what can cause poisoning in dogs due to wrong feeding.
Foods Poisonous To Dogs

1. Macadamia Nuts

Round-shaped nut wrapped by a hard shell is often used to decorate or equip a cake or cake when a birthday or wedding celebration. Of course it will attract the attention of people and animals did not want to miss it. But apparently giving macadamia nuts in the cake could cause enervation on the back dog leg. If it continues to do it can result paralysis. The content of the macadamia nut turns out there besides the toxins that cause paralysis can also cause a feeling of vomiting, depression and hypothermia in dogs.

2. Chocolate

Often known that chocolate can improve mood that is being agitated. This is because the substances in chocolate that is relaxing the body. But it can be a deadly poison for your dog. Giving chocolate in dogs can cause vomiting, depression, muscle spasms and even cause death in the dog.

3. Onions

Apparently there are herbs that can be harmful to dogs. One of them is some kind of onion. The nature of onions has toxic reactions that can damage the tissue of your dog red blood cell. It is certainly not a small thing because it required blood transfusions in the dog if it had long been eating onions in large quantities. Although you love your dog, do not let you give food containing onion in it. Thus, you've at least provide for the health of the dog.

4. Processed milk

Milk is the main food and be complementary to four of five perfectly healthy food. Although many benefits for humans, milk can be toxic for dogs. Enzymes found in milk cannot be decomposed by enzyme digestion so that the dog will continue to accumulate and cause the dog to become ill. There are several symptoms that can be seen as vomiting, diarrhea, excessive gas in the stomach and some other result.

5. Wine
Foods Poisonous To Dogs

Relax while enjoying a very pleasant wine. Dogs that accompany you make your heart feel sorry that the dogs are hungry. You also give him wine without realizing that it could be poisoning in a dog's body. Usually the symptoms are caused by eating wine are vomiting, nausea, weakness, lethargy, and can leaded to dehydration. Immediately stop giving wine as the food for your dog pet.

So to conclude several characteristics of foods poisonous to dogs as this below:

• All dairy ingredients
• All types of onions
• Some fruits such as grapes and the center of the wine
• Macadamia Nuts types

That’s characteristic foods poisonous to dogs that can be delivered.